my story

“I have been painting on old furniture and walls for as long as I can remember. After moving from the USA to the UK in 1996, I became enthusiastic about the Bloomsbury group at Charleston and felt somehow supported that there are others who also unashamedly love painting on walls and furniture.”

Sarah MacLaughlin

my collections

Sarah has a real ability to make something old and tired into something fresh and exciting, just with the addition of colour. Sarah has become well known in her world of someone who can lift the spirit of any room just with colour. Sarah’s mother and grandmother were both gifted with the eye of colour and beauty. Her mother always said, “a splash of colour” is the only thing needed to lift a room.

Sarah focuses her love of colour into painting ordinary objects that then become extraordinary. In recent years, she began cutting 6 inch by 6 inch wooden decorative tiles that can adhere to any surface to make an accentuated border or to stand alone. The alphabet/animal tiles were the next to come. Both children and adults appreciate them; the children liking to have their name on their bedroom wall. The keepsake and tissue boxes were next to come; making any living space, bathroom or bedroom brighten and freshen up. The coasters and table mats quickly can bring a table to life. Sarah believes that colour really is the elixir to living well.

During lockdown, Sarah found that she was ‘unlocked’ and out came a plethora of colourful, whimsical decorative arts that are unique and uplifting .